News from the world of vinegar

08.12.2017 - Our new FRINGS factory in Rheinach

We are producing in our new FRINGS factory in Rheinbach already since May. Your experience with us as a equipment supplier and our innovative system concepts have lead to a lot of new orders. Consequently in the near future a large number of different plants from the Company FRINGS will be installed in your production facilities or in your laboratories. We are looking forward to assisting you with the commissioning.

04.04.2017 - We are moving!

For the last 70 years in our 140-year history, the FRINGS company has been active in Bonn. From here we have exported and we export unique innovative processes and equipment all over the world. The present factory, originally located in an industrial area of Bonn close to the city center, is now surrounded by residential buildings within the urban infrastructure. Even if we have always been able to work well here, it does not longer correspond to the requirements of modern production facilities. For this reason we decided some time ago to move and we started to build our new facility in a nearby technology and industrial area with an optimal infrastructure.

21.01.2016 - New FRINGS Filter Generation G8

Way back in 1978 FRINGS succeeded in introducing the first successful membrane filtration in the vinegar technology sector. Since then we have continued to develop the filtration systems steadily. All our know-how has been merged in the new eighth filtration generation G8.

16.12.2015 - FRINGS receives awards from the China Condiment Industrial Association

There are once again good news coming from China for the world’s leading Vinegar Fermentation Equipment supplier. At the „International Condiment & Food Additives Expo 2015“ FRINGS has received two of the coveted awards. After winning an award in 2012 at the same fair, FRINGS can affirm that its market position strengthens in spite of competitive pressure in China.

03.03.2015 - Meet us at the Forum Life Science 2015 in Munich

On March 11/12, 2015 the 9th international conference “Forum Life Science” with accompanying exhibition will take place in Munich Garching. FRINGS is an exhibitor and we would like to take this opportunity to present our latest developments.

16.01.2015 - Presentation at the ACHEMA 2015

From June 15, to June 19, 2015 will take place the 31th world forum of the process industry. FRINGS will be present putting the focus on "bioreactors" and presenting the latest developements in this sector.

25.09.2013 - Meet us at the Biotechnica in Hannover, Germany

From October 08 to 10, 2013 will take place the Biotechnica as the central hub for Europe's entire biotech sector and its clientele. We would like to seize the opportunity to present you our newest developments in these sectors.

07.06.2013 - Certified nutrient BIOZYM DS for the production of “organic vinegars”

In the supermarkets there are always more and more organic products available. Although most of the food is produced in a conventional way the product group of the organic products gains more and more in importance. The production of these products in the agricultural sector and in the food manufacturing industry is strictly regulated according to the European law with regards to the use of only a minimum of chemicals and the control bodies hardly enable any margin more. Therefore FRINGS has developped – according to the requirements of the REGULATION (EC) No. 834/2007 concerning the production of organic / biological products – a new nutrient for the production of organic vinegars.

07.01.2013 - Innovation in the brewery sector

FRINGS has designed and installed – in cooperation with the Company ALBERT FREY Dienstleisungs AG, in Wald, Germany – the first large-scale plant incorporating a new vacuum degassing technology for the logistics concept in the brewery sector. This technology removes under vacuum the carbonation from beer in a flavor preserving way. Afterwards, after the pasteurization and a short intermediate storage of the beer, it is filled in a sterile bulk buffer tank according to the bag-in-box packaging principle (analogously to the procedure used in the wine and the fruit industry).

07.11.2012 - FRINGS receives the award for “Best Machinery and Process Equipment Supplier”

There are very positive news coming from China at present : These news are not only related to the situation concerning the purchase orders, but they are also related to the quality evaluation of our supplies and services. At one of the most important import and export fairs for the food industry in China, the “China International Condiments and Food Additives Expo 2012” FRINGS received the first award for “Best Machinery and Process Equipment Supplier”.