ACETATORS for Production Systems

Most vinegar factories operate several fermenters, some of which differ widely in terms of their size, and that they then use according to the seasonal production requirements or for different varieties of vinegar and/or different raw materials. We offer ACETATOR fermenters in a series of standard sizes. The required total fermentation capacities can then be configured from these on a modular basis. It goes without saying that on this basis, the production volumes can also be subsequently extended on a random basis.
In addition to the standard series of products, we also offer ACETATOR systems in a high performance version as the 'Super-Charged' variant (SC). The SC design enables a significantly higher production performance with an unchanged standard size of tank.

Our modern and time-proven methods of development and calculation enable an individual adaptation to the requirements that exist on location. High quality materials and a sophisticated construction ensure fault-free operations that are possible over many years. The successful module principle also enables the problem-free conversion of older FRINGS systems. We will be pleased to adapt our final scope of supply to your requirements and possibilities. 

As a rule, FRINGS ACETATORS consist of:

  • Tanks with internal cooling coils made from high quality stainless steel
  • High performance aerator
  • ACETOCONTROL or ACETOMAT control unit with SIEMENS SPS S7 and colour Touch Panel
  • Alcohol measuring probe type ALKOSENS
  • Fresh- and return air piping including activated carbon fresh air filter
  • Charge pipe and charge pump
  • Discharge pipe and discharge pump with inducer
  • Vertical defoamer with foam concentrate pipe
  • Exhaust air pipe and exhaust air condenser
  • OPverflow pipe with safety lock
  • Cooling water pump
  • Tank attachment parts, such as overflow switch, PT100, pressure probes etc.

Image: Modular construction of a vinegar factory with 3 ACETATOR-fermenters

Image: ACETATOR standard size series