ACETOCONTROL FFC Multi-Fermenter Visualisation

The FRINGS FERMENTATION COMPUTER FFC V is a networked SCADA-*/control system which has been especially adapted to the requirements in large vinegar factories. In its fifth generation on the market, the system permits an extended data capture, data visualisation and data evaluation, the linking of several ACETATORS and the integration of further systems.

The use of the FFC V with several fermenter systems can be a good idea for both technical and economic reasons, since the individual visualisation panels on the switch cabinets in the field can be omitted.  All of the functions are available centrally on a personal computer, in the context of which the actual process steering and control continues to take place in the 'secure' SIEMENS SPS in the switch cabinets.

The complete integration of the data from all fermenters in production network which is available at the customer is also guaranteed with the FFC V. This facilitates a complete archiving and accounting of the complete production in  with the increasingly demanding requirements for the quality assurance and traceability of raw materials in food production.


Here is a summary of the key performance features:


• Complete data capture

• Graphic visualisation and evaluation of the data

• Incorporation in the customer networks, with SAP for instance

• Possibility of remote maintenance and remote action via the DFÜ

• Condition for the two-stage, high percentage procedure of FRINGS.


*SCADA = Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Image: FFC V