ACETOCONTROL LOGIC Control Systems for all Processes

The FRINGS ACETOCONTROL S7 LOGIC product is an easy-to-use and efficient computer-supported automation system. Its programming platform is based on the WinCC Flexible from SIEMENS. Among other controls, the application software which we developed for the ACETATOR control has freely definable actuators and drive-members which can be parameterized via the process screen. In addition to this, the different processes, the formulations and target values for the controllers, limit values and other technologically relevant data can be parameterized via the process screen in a user friendly and process oriented way - without using a programming tool. The software can be expanded as required, and a wide range of special solutions are available on request.


The key advantages of the ACETOCONTROL S7 LOGIC are as follows:


• Easy to operate, logically designed operator control panel

Large 10" SIEMENS industry touch screen colour panel (larger panels available), operating system: Windows CE

• Compact, concise display of the fermentation process

• Display of progress curves and trend graphics for the most important process parameters

• Several access levels controlled by password

• Wide-ranging reporting of alarms and user interventions

• Straightforward linking of several ACETOCONTROL systems via Profibus connections

• Simple connection to the "FRINGS Fermentation Computer" FFC V, a SCADA system based on Windows and WinCCflexible

• With the FFC V, it is possible to connect additional group locations via internet

• High performance methods for tank calibration

• Integrated measuring amplified for the ALKOSENS alcohol measuring probe

• Extremely simple partially automatic commissioning

• Import/ Export of formulation data via USB-stick or Ethernet connection

• Uncomplicated provision of your fermentation data / charge data (via USB-Stick or Ethernet) in standard Excel® format

• Fermentation data are filed ordered according to the charges

     - Option: Control and operation also possible with additional notebooks / PCs connected via DSL

     - Option: Remote maintenance via the internet. (DSL connection required)

     - Option: Alert via SMS alarm (SMS sender with suitable mobile telephones required)

     - Option: Alert via plain text email

     - Option: Connection to your intranet via an Ethernet switch


Note: The ACETOCONTROL S7 LOGIC COMBI system is a combination of the two ACETOCONTROL S7 LOGIC products with the ACETOCONTROL POWER unit in a compact switch cabinet. 



Image: Acetocontrol S7 logic combi
Image: Main screen Acetocontrol S7