ACETOMAT LOGIC - straightforward control systems for normal processes

The ACETOMAT S7 LOGIC is the most recent addition to our automation family. Many of the advantages of the ACETOCONTROL S7 LOGIC are now part of the time-proven ACETOMAT. Visualisation occurs via ist 6" colour touch panel.

Contrary to the  ACETOCONTROL S7 LOGIC solution, the ACETOMAT S7 is only designed for process control in the normal process. Its functions are suitable for many applications, especially the production of wine vinegars or for use in smaller vinegar plants. The big advantage of the ACETOMAT S7 is in its complete compatibility and its expandability with all the SIEMENS units in the system.


The time-proven ACETOMAT N II continues to be available and is best suited for an automatic discharge triggering in the standard process, and offers the following functions and indicators:


• Online alcohol analysis

• Freely selectable remaining alcohol concentration

• Display of the current alcohol content in the fermenter

• Display and control of the fermentation temperature via switch contact

• Analogue output for the determined concentration of alcohol

Abbildung: Acetomat S7