The ALCOSENS alcohol measuring system enables dynamic online monitoring of production procedures, in which the alcohol concentration in aqueous solutions is significant.

Fields of use:

  • Baker’s yeast fermentation
  • Pichia Pastoris fermentation
  • Monitoring of the alcohol concentration in process plants (dealcoholisation, distillation, etc.)
  • All processes, for which alcohol is important as a reference variable
  • Acetic acid fermentation (see here for more details)

The probe is directly immersed into the medium being monitored using a probe flange. The alcohol (methanol or ethanol) diffuses using a special membrane system in a measuring chamber inside the sensors. The change in electric resistance of a semiconductor with changing alcohol content is measured by an amplifier taking also into account a compensation of the temperature.

The ALCOSENS probe can be sterilised up to 143°C.

Product characteristics:

  • High level of reliability
  • Measuring range: 0%v/%v - 6%v/%v
  • Probe can be supplied in different lengths
  • CIP and SIP enabled
  • Display of alcohol concentration
  • Analogue outlet 4-10 mA / 0-10V
  • Ethernet or Profibus connection
  • Remote maintenance possible
  • Alarm management

Structure and function of the measuring amplifier for the ALCOSENS probe

The measuring amplifier is designed for the connection of one up to 4 probes. Calibration takes place using the touch panel. The alcohol concentration and temperature are displayed online. The output of the analogue signal takes place using a analogue group as a 4..20mA signal or a digital interface.
The measuring amplifier and all necessary electrical connections including the carrier gas supply are installed in a switch cabinet (protection class IP 65) made of stainless steel. All cables are led via glands from the switch cabinet.
The measuring amplifier is for the measuring ranges of

  • 0 %v/%v – 0.6 %v/%v
  • 0 %v/%v – 6.0 %v/%v 
  • Other measuring ranges on request
ALCOSENS probe in PROREACT Fermenter
ALCOSENS measuring amplifier for 2 probes