ALKOSENS Online Measuring Technology for Alcohol Analysis

If the ACETOCONTROL and/or the ACETOMAT system is the brain of each FRINGS automation, then the ALKOSENS represents it’s sense of smell, in the very best sense of the words. The measuring probe is based on a process which, as it were, smells the alcohol which is in the ACETATOR. In this context, the alcohol from the liquid phase is guided with a membrane probe to a gas sensor where it is then 'sniffed'.  The probe provides a continous online signal of the current alcohol content in a measurement range of 0.1 - 6% alcohol.


With the new ALKOSENS IV, FRINGS has now established a membrane-covered probe in the market, in which the carrier gas which was previously present is now no longer required. The advantages of this probe without the carrier gas are in the simplified operational logistics and lower production costs through economizing on a compressor and/or supply of the carrier gas with gas bottles.

The time-proven ALKOSENS IIa, which operates with carrier gas and therefore functions completely independently of environmental influences, is naturally still available.


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Abbildung: Alkosens IV