Alcohol Analysis

A high precision, with ± 0.03 Vol%, with a duration of just three minutes for sample-taking and measurement - is that even possible? The answer is 'yes' as long as it is the FRINGS Alkomat.

The Alkomat is an NIR-spectrometer which measures the alcohol content of your vinegar sample at a concentration range of 0- 20 % v/v with the highest levels of precision.

The data will ensure that your vinegar factory will achieve even better results! A claim that is confirmed clearly by the number systems sold so far - more than 100.

Key tasks: Quality control of the vinegars produced and safeguarding of the calibration data of the online measuring systems for the fully automatic control of the vinegar production.

But also: Analysis of the alcohol content of wine and mashes up to a content of max. 20 vol%.