Application Examples / Technology

FRINGS technology has been used for many years in industrial process technology to solve particular requirements for gas/liquid reactions and for gas/liquid and solid/liquid separation.

Our gas/liquid aeration reactors are used in a number of procedures:

  • Chemisorption
  • Oxidations
  • Ozonisation
  • Hydrogenation
  • Esterifications
  • Stripping processes
  • Supersaturation crystallisation

Through the special properties of the PROREACT C reactors with the integrated FRIBORATOR C gassing turbines, very high mass transfer coefficients with low energy consumptions can be realised. A fact that is becoming more and more important in times of high energy prices and when taking into account the demand for resource-friendly production procedures.

The special rotor/stator technology of the FRIBORATOR units combines two functions: production of very fine gas bubbles, which facilitates a very high specific gas/liquid boundary layer, and mixing with turbulent open jets. This combination provides some other characteristic advantages:

  • Regenerative operation possible without compressor
  • Very high gas yield (with a headspace feed-in up to 100%)
  • Lower installation cost
  • Very good mixing capacity with low energy input
  • Combined dispersion, emulsification and/or crystallisation procedure possible

As additional equipment for reactors, our FOAMEX foam centrifuges then enable safe and efficient operation, if this is disturbed through arising foam (which is the case for many gas/liquid reactions and mixing operations). However, the use of this technology is also very practical for other process stages with particular foam formation. Among others, for various evaporation procedures and polymerizations.

As well as the FOAMEX technology for gas/liquid separation, FRINGS has been working for decades on the development and optimisation of solid/liquid separation procedures with membranes.

We are in the position to realise special equipment, units and machinery for a multitude of various procedures. Be it special agitators, complete special reactors or even miniscule units. Simply ask us if you are looking for a solution which is not otherwise offered on the market.