Even if there is a series of systems which can be manually operated by qualified personnel, technically automated systems in process technology are becoming more and more important.

This is not only due to the fact that the “human error” factor is minimised by error-free automation and costs can be saved. Indeed, the system operators of an automated system can deal predominantly with the relevant aspects of process management which can only be measured and recorded with difficulty and for which practical expert knowledge play a major role.

Especially in the food industry and biotechnology, there is a series of influencing factors, which happily do not make human intervention unnecessary and for which the “human knowledge” factor has a very positive effect on the process result.

We are in the position to provide systems with minimal automation, as well as complex MCT systems (Measurement and Control Technology) for fully automated production. At this point, it is noted that we have our own control cabinet construction department in the factory and also carry out the programming ourselves. We also provide service and maintenance from one single source for you.