To ensure the success of effective vinegar fermentation - in addition to optimum location factors and modern ventilation and de-foaming technology - a highly accurate automation unit is also indispensible. It automatically controls all the important process sequences, controls the important process parameters, and also provides your specialists with all of the important information.

In the corresponding basic version, along with the actual process intelligence, the ACETOMAT and ACETOCONTROL automation solutions include the operational unit and the visualization and archiving of the processing data.

Depending on the version and configuration level, you have extended access to the batch records, alert messages, graphs and much more - and that includes via other computers or smart-phones over the internet. We can also offer you remote maintenance and diagnostic services.

The key hardware and software components are based on industrial standards that are established as standard in the industrial sector, such as those from SIEMENS. This guarantees you an immediate and long-term provision of spare parts and compatibility with many of your other systems.