Bioreactors / Fermenters

We develop and produce bioreactors and fermenter systems in various sizes and designs for different industries with the corresponding specific requirements.  From laboratory systems with a few litres of working volume, to the pilot system in the cubic metre range, to large-scale industrial fermenters with several 100,000 litres of working volume, we delivery turnkey process plants and “package units”. 

Whether sterile systems for the production of high-quality bioproducts or special systems for food technology to bioreactors for industrial waste water purification ... in our portfolio, you will find tailored systems for any requirement. And the corresponding expert knowledge as well.


Figure: Example systems in different industries and with different system standards

Bioreactor Design and Application

Sterile Fermentation Units:

- PROREACT B - Large Scale

- PROREACT B - Lab/Pilot Scale

- PROREACT P - Large Scale

- PROREACT P - Lab/Pilot Scale

- PROREACT X - Custom Design


Plants for Biological Waste Water Treatment:

- PROREACT T - Waste Water Systems


Plants for the Vinegar Industry:

- ACETATOR - Vinegar Fermenters