In the future, biotechnology will play a significant role in the industrial manufacture of a multitude of products. On the basis of renewable raw materials, not only are environmentally-friendly and energy-saving procedures possible, but substances can also be manufactured biologically, whose synthesis is virtually impossible using chemical routes or only possible with a very great expense. 

Fermentation products, such as

  • Biomass and starter cultures
  • Organic acids
  • Platform chemicals/building blocks
  • Enzymes and other proteins
  • Fine chemicals
  • Biopolymers
  • Active ingredients in cosmetics
  • Biopharmaceuticals

can be manufactured in FRINGS systems with particular efficiency. We are in the position to offer both standardised systems and customer-specific systems, which make it possible to minimise production costs, particularly for white biotechnology. However, if various products are to be manufactured with different technical procedural requirements in multi-purpose systems, we have special modular solutions for you which we are happy to show you.