CLEARFLOW Membrane Filter

FRINGS succeeded in introducing Micro-Crossflow-Filtration (MCF), specially oriented to the requirements of vinegar production, in 1978. For the first time, it permitted a continuous 24 h operation and the avoidance of consumables such as bentonite and diatomite, and therefore clearly improved levels of safety and yield.

Thanks to many successfully delivered systems (several hundred are currently in use), the experience gathered so far, and the continual improvements to the MCF systems that has been the result, FRINGS is able to offer you suitable systems at all times. From the filtration of small quantities of special vinegar to very large quantities in the production of industrial vinegar.

From the differing filtration modules, we will select the specific module type for you which offers the best conditions for an efficient and low-cost filtration for your location and your product. It goes without saying that this also includes the draft for a raw material and energy-saving operational concept on location.