Membrane systems

FRINGS membrane systems of the CLEARFLOW series serve to separate particles from suspensions using cross flow filtration. This technology enables continuous operation of filtration with a minimum cleaning requirement. No filter aids are required, rendering cost-intensive disposal superfluous.  

CLEARFLOW filtration systems enable economical filtration of  liquid media containing solids in a manner that is optimised to the process in various industries. Our systems are in particular designed to separate microorganisms, to filter potential reusables and for use in water treatment and wastewater purification.

However, use of CLEARFLOW membrane systems can also make sense when it comes to very special applications. In the case of special applications, the basic procedural tasks, the material selection and the required cut-off are precisely specified with the customer and the design of the systems supported with the help of pilot tests. Depending on the application, short tests or special test series are performed with the original media.

The degree of automation and the system design are determined according to the specifications and customer request and implemented appropriately. Here, the spectrum ranges from fully automated and CIP/SIP compatible filtration systems to manually operated versions. Combinations of various processes with "dead end" and "cross flow" filters are possible, too. We also supply multi-purpose systems, which can be equipped with various types of modules.

Plant configuration:

- CLEARFLOW C - Standard Design

- CLEARFLOW P - "Hygienic Design"


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