CLEARFLOW - Standard MF systems for vinegar filtration

With the CLEARFLOW system, FRINGS offers tested and exceptionally high perfomance filtration solutions in different performance categories.

The CLEARFLOW 04, 08 and 12 systems for large-scale industrial use filter between 10,000 and 150,000 liters of vinegar per day depending on their size. They are equipped with 3 - 12 individually designed filtration modules

For the automatic filtration of the vinegar from smaller fermentation systems, CLEARFLOW type 01 and 02 systems are used with 1 or 2 modules.

The standard range is rounded off with the small CLEARFLOW-lab MF P 01, a filter matching our PILOT ACETATOR F200.

In addition to the standard series, special systems with special requirements (according to customer specification or on the basis of extended filtration tests in our pilot plant station) are available for special applications.


The superior system configuration of the FRINGS CLEARFLOW SYSTEMS stands out thanks to a series of special attributes:


1. Automatic feeding of the raw vinegar

2. Filtration by means of a circulation tank

3. Integration of a CIP unit

4. Automatic monitoring for wine lees in the filtrate

5. Automatic transfer of the filtrate into a corresponding storage tank

6. Use of filter automation system, based upon SIEMENS technology


Some practical empirical values:

Continuous filtration cycles with duration of up to 14 days are well documented. This is normally followed by a CIP cleaning cycle that takes approx. 3 - 4 h. The system is then ready to use again. The average product losses total just 0.3% of the amount of raw vinegar to be filtered. The operator is only required to intervene for approximately 10 minutes each day!

Clearflow UF P08 G8
Clearflow MF P04 G8