CLEARFLOW C filtration systems can be used in a number of sectors where no hygiene criteria must be applied. These systems are designed especially for industries which require particularly easy-to-operate and resistant systems. Chemical-resistant finishes and robust units are the different equipment specifications of these systems. 

In general, the filtration systems are designed specifically for the medium. Particularly when determining the filtration modules, all rheological and dynamic conditions of the substance being filtered are taken into account. In the control part, there are extended programme structures, safety devices and special sequences and regulations to guarantee product-safe filtration.

CLEARFLOW C systems consist of the following system components:

  • Pressure pump & circulation pump equipped with frequency converter
  • Stainless steel quality of all materials: 304, 316L and 316Ti
  • Plain rolled surfaces coming into contact with the product
  • Filtration module made of polymers or ceramics
  • Hollow fibre modules, tubular modules or spiral wound modules
  • Non hygienic pipework and fitting category
  • CIP unit 
  • Compact frame to accommodate all pipes and units
  • Pre-filter units
  • Sensor technology
  • Central control unit with SIEMENS PLC and touch panel

However, the systems can be combined and expanded so that an MF, UF, NF, diafiltration, reverse osmosis process line and other water treatment steps can be realised.


Figure: CLEARFLOW C hybrid system in modular structure with MF, RO and other water treatment

The systems are prefabricated in the factory in Rheinbach and approved as part of a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in the presence of you as the customer.

Short profile and possible systems designs:

- 1 module system

- 2 module system

- 4 module system

- 8 to 12 module system

- in horizontal or vertical design

- hollow fibre, spiral or tubular modules

- configuration in "parallels", "series" or "tree"

- diafiltration possible

- MF, UF, NF or RO possible

- with integrated CIP unit

- system integration possible

- fully or semi automatic (SIEMENS S7)