Company history

FRINGS was founded in 1878 by the entrepreneur Heinrich Frings as a production facility for vinegar products in Aachen. However, the company quickly changed into a technology company supplying the entire industry with innovative production plants and consumables. In the following decades FRINGS developed to become an international operating machinery and plant production company for fermentation systems in various industries. The products and services enjoy an excellent reputation all over the world. Even today, more than 130 years after the formation of the company, FRINGS remains an owner-managed, independent company.

1878 Formation as a vinegar company in Aachen

1901 FRINGS develops and implements the first vinegar plant as a plant production company

1908 Supply of the first bacterial nutrients to customers

1925 Development of the first vinegar generator with immobilised bacteria

1935 Supply of the first automated vinegar production plant

1953 FRINGS patents the first submersed reactor for the acetic acid fermentation, the ACETATOR

1964 Development of gassing reactors for the application in chemical technology

1966 FRINGS develops the first online ethanol measurement with the ALKOGRAPH

1970 Market entry into the environmental biotechnology with the FRINGS submerged aerators

1973 Market launch of the FRIBORATOR ventilation units for the baker’s yeast industry

1978 Worldwide introduction of FRINGS’ cross-flow membrane filtration into the vinegar industry

1985 FRINGS builds the first SBR plant for waste water recovery in the USA

1987 The ALKOSENS membrane probe replaces the ALKOGRAPH technology in the vinegar industry

1988 Development of the 1HP and 2HP methods for acidities of up to 20% in the vinegar industry

1995 Production of the first complete FRINGS baker’s yeast plant

1996 FRINGS fermenters are used in bio-plastic production in Brazil

1997 Introduction of the energy-efficient FRIBORATOR TRG  aerator with 450 kW

2001 Sterile PROREACT B fermenters for the yeast propagation acc. to Hygienic Design Driteria

2002 The series ACETATOR SC enables an even higher productivity for the vinegar fermentation

2003 FRINGS develops the fermenter series PROREACT P and G for the bio- and pharmatechnology

2005 FRINGS builds its largest bioethanol plant so far with a special yeast process

2006 Development of the fermenter control ACETOCONTROL S7 for the vinegar industry

2011 Redesign of the PROREACT fermenter series as a “seed train” for the white biotechnology

2012 FRINGS develops the fermenter of the type PROREACT ATEX for the use in Areas with an explosive atmosphere

2014 The equipment of the world largest vinegar plant (China) with FRINGS fermenters is finished

2016 Planning for a factory on a greenfield with offices, R&D, production and test plant 

2017 Move from the old factory in Bonn to the new premises in Rheinbach (20 km from Bonn)


The founder who gives the name Heinrich Frings to the company