Consumables / Auxiliary Materials

We can supply the following FRINGS products that have proven their value over many years:

  • Bentonite (FRIBENTON) for the successful precipitation of proteins and other substances in raw wine vinegars

  • Replacement membranes and modules for CLEARFLOW membrane systems

  • Filter material for precoat and layer filtration

  • FRINGS Clean A, O and E for the successful cleaning of your filtration systems / modules

  • 1N Caustic soda as well as Phenolphthalein for measuring acid with the help of the digital burette

  • Precision calibration solutions for our analytical instruments

  • Active carbon and filter layers for use in fresh air filters

  • Inoculation vinegars for all possible raw materials and/or acidity levels

  •  Sulphur solutions for SO2 – determination according to the Rebelein method

  • Storage solutions