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Sterile safety filter for the quality assurance

Again and again difficulties araise in the vinegar production industry and the fine foods elaboration industry due to contaminating substances in the storage rooms and filling machines (for example,  due to the mould Moniliella acetoabutans). Therefore there is an increasing demand for vinegars free of bacteria.

Due to the enormous inversion costs which would imply a sterile vinegar production, we have developped in addition to our filtration plants CLEARFLOW (which of course can be supplied as sterile filter types too) an intermediate solution – little, but very sophisticated -. It is a dead-end safety filter to be installed not at a central place, but at an interface area between the finished products storage rooms of the vinegar factory and the entrance of the raw states products for the delicatessen elaboration factory. The safety filter is installed on a frame and equipped with a connection for steam which permits a fully automatic SIP (sterilization in place). In case that a little steam generator is not available at site we can supply you such an equipment.

This sterile safety filter permits the vinegar producer to document clear measures with regards to the treatment of the finished vinegar up to its transportation with the tank truck and to contribute this way to guarantee the compliance with hygienic norms in the delicatessen elaboration industry.