News from the world of Environmental Technology

Our new FRINGS factory in Rheinach

We are producing in our new FRINGS factory in Rheinbach already since May. Your experience with us as a equipment supplier and our innovative system concepts have lead to a lot of new orders. Consequently in the near future a large number of different plants from the Company FRINGS will be installed in your production facilities or in your laboratories. We are looking forward to assisting you with the commissioning.

In order to take into account  the increased work load and to be able to produce your plants even more efficiently, we are installing our third CNC machining center at present. With this machine, which finds a place in our large machining area, milling and machining works are realized with high precision, particularly on our stainless steel components.

We are still convinced of the fact that the high precision components required for our plant technologies can only  be manufactured promptly and with the corresponding quality in our own workshops. Of course, we also have special components manufactured by partner companies and we buy high quality components externally, but the core technologies are manufactured and assembled in-house in Rheinbach (the same is done with our automation systems).