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FRINGS receives the award for “Best Machinery and Process Equipment Supplier”

 There are very positive news coming from China at present: These news are not only related to the situation concerning the purchase orders, but they are also related to the quality evaluation of our supplies and services.

At one of the most important import and export fairs for the food industry in China, the "China International Condiments and Food Additives Expo 2012" FRINGS received the first award for "Best Machinery and Process Equipment Supplier".

At the "China International Condiments & Foodadditives Expo 2012" with several hundred renowned exhibitors in two exhibition halls the visitors had not only the possibility to get information about the products such as vinegars, sauces, nutraceuticals, yeast extracts, glutamate and other amino acids, but there have been established important business relationships too.  

Although FRINGS  as a German Technology Company is facing very fierce competition from local competitors as well as from international competitors, this award shows that the capital goods market of China does not only estimate the most cheap products, but it does also estimate long life products of high quality. Furthermore the intensively dealing with country specific products  and production methods as well as an intensive customer loyalty represent in China (and not only there) the blocks for the sales success of technologically high sophisticated products made in Germany.