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New FRINGS Filter Generation G8

Way back in 1978 FRINGS succeeded in introducing the first successful membrane filtration in the vinegar technology sector. Since then we have continued to develop the filtration systems steadily. All our know-how has been merged in the new eighth filtration generation G8.

 In particular, G8 delivers  considerable energy cost savings by using the most modern and efficient pumps which we have paired with appropriate frequency converters. Also this new line has an intuitive user interface on a SIEMENS S7 basis including a dialogue (with cleartext communication) for automated process control. As one would expect all necessary data such as, for example, how much vinegar is filtered as well as the backflushing frequency and duration, the temperatures, the pressures and also the estimated time until the next cleaning are registered and displayed. These data can be sent to the main  ACETATOR control or to a computer in addition or uniquely. In case that assistance is needed you can give FRINGS access to your control system.