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FRINGS equipment for the FRAUNHOFER CBP

Recently one of the most modern research centers for chemical and biotechnological processes in Europe, the FRAUENHOFER Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBP in Leuna, Germany, has opened - see  TV-report under

This Center has the target to implement - as part of the Green Economy  - processes for the production of platform chemicals, plastics, biofuels, enzymes, etc. made on the basis of the use of renewable resources  from a pilot-scale level into an industrial-scale level. One of the core components of the plant designed and built by the Company LINDE ENGINEERING, Dresden, Germany, as the general contractor represents the « Technical Enzymes » module. With regards to this module FRINGS is responsible for the engineering, the manufacturing and the start-up of the fermentation plant.

The complex fermenter cascade  consisting of a fermentation capacity ranging from 10 L, 100 L, 300 L, 1.000 L up to 10.000 L permits to realize the most different kind of sterile fermentation processes. For instance it is possible too to add a powdery medium  into the bioreactors equipped with agitators in order to permit the use of the different raw materials from the other plant modules. Furthermore the fermenter cascade is equipped with particular safety and control devices, so that a safe and efficient cultivation of methylotrophic yeasts under the most different conditions also  does not represent any problem.

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