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Innovation in the brewery sector

FRINGS has designed and installed – in cooperation with the Company ALBERT FREY Dienstleisungs AG, in Wald, Germany – the first large-scale plant incorporating a new vacuum degassing technology  for the logistics concept in the brewery sector. This technology removes under vacuum the carbonation from beer in a flavor preserving way. Afterwards, after the pasteurization and a short intermediate storage of the beer, it is filled in a sterile bulk buffer tank according to the bag-in-box packaging principle (analogously to the procedure used in the wine and the fruit industry).

This technology is appropriated in particular for making possible the export of high quality beers without being necessary  the use of expensive returnable stainless steel kegs anymore. The complicated and expensive take-back logistics reduces the commercialization possibilities of high quality beers produced in small breweries for instance on cruise ships.

The bag-in-box technology enables a transport of oxygen-free beer in a way that permits the most high package density. The recarbonization of the beer with CO2 is made when it arrives at the tap.

Until now there did not exist any degassing technology for high foaming beers on the market. The cooperation between the Company ALBERT FREY and FRINGS permits to close this gap now. From now on it is possible to realize – at a large scale too - an efficient, hygienic and fully automatic degassing and pasteurization of beer before proceeding to the bag filling. In this cooperation FRINGS is responsible for the manufacturing and supply of the patented vacuum degassing units.