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Certified nutrient BIOZYM DS for the production of “organic vinegars”

In the supermarkets there are always more and more organic products available. Although most of the food is produced in a conventional way the product group of the organic products gains more and more in importance. The production of these products in the agricultural sector and in the food manufacturing industry  is strictly regulated according to the European law with regards to the use of only a minimum of chemicals  and the control bodies hardly enable any margin more.

Therefore FRINGS has developped – according to the requirements of the REGULATION (EC) No. 834/2007 concerning the production of organic / biological products – a new nutrient for the production of organic vinegars.

This product is denominated BIOZYM DS and it is destined for the production of organic vinegars  made out of spirit alcohol, white wine and red wine as well as of fruit wines in the “standard mash process”. The ingredients of the nutrient as well as the in-house production process have been controlled and certified by the German Control Authority QC&I DE-ÖKO-013.

BIOZYM DS is now commercially available. Please feel free to contact us. It will be a pleasure for us to inform you about all details concerning the application concentrations, the storage conditions as well as to answer all your other questions with regards to the use of this nutrient in the vinegar production.