Products for Environmental Technology

FRINGS produces and delivers IMMERSIBLE AERATOR for the biological treatment of industrial wastewater. The product range includes self-aspirating immersible aerator in types TA/TAK and the type TRG, which is designed exclusively for operation with pressurized air, for the maximum oxygenation capacities and large water depths (10m and more). The immersible aerators are versatile and flexible to use and are also fantastically suited for retrofitting into existing systems to optimise the oxygenation capacity.

In addition, FRINGS plans and delivers PROREACT T - ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS for the biological cleaning of industrial wastewater, such as mixing- and equalization-plants, single-basin- and SBR-plants, high-performance reactors and systems for aerobic sludge stabilisation.

FRINGS also designs and delivers non-biological systems for the treatment and preparation of industrial wastewater. This includes PROREACT N - NEUTRALIZATION SYSTEMS for the neutralization of alkaline wastewater by means of flue gas or carbon dioxide and CLEARFLOW C - FILTRATION SYSTEMS to treat industrial wastewater.


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