Vinegar Technology

For over a century, FRINGS has been developing and marketing process and systems technology for industrial vinegar production, and we are now represented as the world market leader on all continents. Through our wide-ranging research and development work, we have continually succeeded in setting new standards in the construction and operation of vinegar production systems. In this context almost all the important and innovative processing and apparatus techniques of industrial vinegar production have been developed by us, in-house. Therefore, FRINGS has made a decisive contribution to enable the production of the age-old condiment and preservative of vinegar at a level of efficiency and quality never seen before. This high technical level was not least achieved through the invention of the submerged fermentation process and its continuous optimization at ever higher levels of production, yields, acid levels and the consistent use of the latest automation and filtration techniques.

With our complete range of technologies and products, we are able to provide you with the complete process and methods technique of a new vinegar production plant along with the necessary starter crops and consumables. And, of course, all of the services for the successful and sustainable installation, commissioning and training.

It goes without saying that we can also extend your existing production capacities or modernise your older systems. Our experience and our project management also mean that production can be carried out either without or with just a minimal level of operational interruption. We will be pleased to advise you as to which solution is the best for you.

Our advisory services not only incorporate aspects of system planning, we can also support you with the product development. Our well-designed laboratory, with a large number of pilot fermenters and a small but efficient pilot plant enables the production of sample batches and much more.

Image: Modern vinegar production plant