Exhaust Air Treatment

Due to the intense ventilation during vinegar fermentation, large quantities of exhaust air that is enriched with alcohol and acetic acid result.

To increase the yield, FRINGS can offer you two established systems. The exhaust air condenser and the exhaust air scrubber.

Both systems have in common the fact that they are installed in the exhaust air conduits to regain the value-enhancing products (alcohol and acid) from the exhaust air. Regaining the value-enhancing products also directly reduces your production costs.

In addition to this, noise pollution levels are also significantly reduced by installing these systems. This is a considerable advantage in densely populated residential areas.

The exhaust air treatment systems bring good returns with large industrial systems that have a high level of air throughput, and during fermentations with expensive raw materials (e.g. high quality wines or fruit wines).


Image: Exhaust air treatment for ACETATORS