FRIBORATOR Gassing Agitator

Both for our own PROREACT fermenter range and for the OEM equipment of other fermenter designs and as a retrofit of existing machinery, we have a range of FRIBORATOR gassing agitators in different designs.
The rotor/stator work principle of the FRIBORATOR gassing agitator differs significantly from classic agitators and makes it very powerful, efficient and low-maintenance. The special properties are:

  • Low power output needed
  • Production of small gas bubbles
  • Homogenous gas distribution
  • Very high oxygen transfer rate (OTR)
  • Gas saturation up to 90%
  • No long agitator shaft with abutment needed
  • Very simple assembly and disassembly
  • Regenerative operation possible without compressor

FRIBORATOR gassing agitators are then used with particular success if micro-organisms with a very high oxygen consumption require cultivation in low-viscosity and coalescence-inhibited fermentation media. These are mostly aerobic high cell density fermentations or fermentation processes, during which only a low quantity of gas should be introduced with a very high level of gas saturation.
We are happy to provide you with details about the functional principle, the range of uses and the possible installation types in fermenters







Basic scheme of a  rotor/stator-turbine