FRIBORATOR B - Gas/Liquid Turbines in Hygienic Design

The fields of use of the FRIBORATOR B turbines are in medium to large-scale systems with high levels of requirements for both mass transfer properties and with regard to hygiene. The units can be cleaned, sanitised and sterilised and are offered in different pressure levels for installation in pressure tanks and in operations under atmospheric pressure. 

Figure: FRIBORATOR B turbine fitted in a PROREACT B reactor 

The FRIBORATOR B systems are based on the FRIBORATOR type C, but are designed in such a way that a geometry with as few gaps as possible and complete drainability is guaranteed. This does not just include the shape of the channels and rotor, but also the elevation of the hydraulic part onto the bottom flange. As a result, liquid can be completely drained from the reactor using the inclined and smoothed surfaces, which is a basic prerequisite for the CIP (Cleaning in Place) cleaning procedure required in hygienic processes.

Some technical key data of the units 

  • Installation as bottom drive unit
  • Drive with frequency converter or pole-changing motors
  • Installed capacities of 2.2 to 180 kW
  • Production from 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571 or alternative materials
  • Surface quality in accordance with specification (up to Ra < 0.8 µm)
  • Double mechanical seal with water seal (also available with single mechanical seal)
  • Flange design adjusted to the pressure level of the reactor tank
  • Automatic aspiration of air without compressor possible

The exact selection of the design and interpretation takes place on the basis of the precise job specification with regard to installation, rheology, energy and gas transfer and other relevant key data. We are happy to discuss the conditions with you in order to make the ideal selection for your process.


Alongside our basic systems we are also able to provide you with process specific versions that are precisely tailored to your respective requirements. This naturally involves all connection dimensions as well as the choice of material and the flow-specific design (by means of Computational Fluid Design).


FRIBORATOR B basic versions 

Special versions comprise of an integrated ground discharge and/or gas lines, specific channel geometry or a variety of further specific characteristics.

FRIBORATOR B with special channels

FRIBORATOR B out of heat resistant plastic