FRIBORATOR C - self aspirating gas/liquid turbines 

The FRIBORATOR C turbines are delivered in sizes of 1 kW to 240 kW, whereby larger systems are also possible if needed. These turbines are characterised by their simple structure, extreme durability and particularly high local energy dissipation densities. As a result, a very fine gas/liquid dispersions is created, which enables a high mass transfer from the gas into the liquid phase.


                  Figure: FRIBORATOR C (in assembly stand).

 FRIBORATOR C characteristics:

  • Operation without primary pressure compressor
  • High turbine rotation frequency
  • Direct drive of the hydraulic rotor/stator unit
  • Design in standard stainless steels (1.4571 and 1.4404) or in special steels
  • Single or double effect mechanical seal 
  • Primary pressure operation in pressure reactors and headspace aspiration possible
  • Different drive concepts (see table on the right)

Attached you can find some information of the self aspirating FRIBORATOR C gas/liquid mixing turbines (operation without primary pressure). Please contact us for further information on smalles systems, special sizes and regarding questions on the material selection, pressure setting, EX protection etc.

Gas flow rate for different filling levels

Power consumption for different filling levels

Self aspirating turbines of the FRIBORATOR-Series C work depending on the size in speeds of 800 - 1500 rpm and can be supplied with different drive options to comply with the requirements and the performance range

- with standard synchronous motors

- with pole changing (PC) asynchronous motors

- with frequency controlled motors

- with pressure encapsulated ATEX motors

- with water cooled multi motor drives