FRIBORATOR TRG - Gas/Liquid Mixing Turbines with Pressure Support  

The most high-performance units of the FRINGS turbines are in the FRIBORATOR TRG product range. Here, we offer units with a drive capacity of up to 450 kW for large reactors with several 100,000 litres for the production of “commodities”.


                    Figure: TRG system with channel extensions in the assembly stand

For many large-volume production procedures in chemistry or biotechnology when using aerobic micro-organisms, the economic efficiency calculation shows the energy consumption of the reactor agitators as an important post, as well as the costs of the raw material. And this is exactly where we focus our TRG technology offerings. Excellent gas transfer rates with comparably small drive capacities for primary pressure-supported TRG turbines and the respective compressor unit characterise TRG technology. No dynamic agitator or static gas introduction system known to us has a similar efficiency (kgGas/kWh or kmolGas/kWh) with comparable installation costs. 


                    Comparative data: TRG turbines versus RUSHTON agitators

The drive capacities for the TRG ventilation units in aerobic fermentation are normally only between 1 and 2 kW/m3, depending on the working volumes of the industrial bioreactor. With these capacities, oxygen transfer rates of 4 - 8 kgO2/m3/h can then be achieved. However, our portfolio also includes extensive ventilation systems and systems with considerably higher specific energy transfers

Below you can find some information on sizes and a performance comparison with a standard Rushton agitator. For further details please get in  contact with us.

Gas volume flow for different filling levels

Performance ranges for different filling levels

Gassing turbing with primary pressure of the FRIBORATOR TRG series work depending on the size in speeds of 250- 800 rpm and can be supplied with different drive options to comply with the requirements and the performance range

- with spur gear motor

- with bevel gear motor

- with water-cooled multi-motor drives

- optional with frequency converter

The shaft seal is implemented with single or double acting mechanical seals.