FOAMEX foam centrifuges

Foams occur in many processes, e.g. through a medium being aerated, through reaction gases being released or through gas being discharged from a medium into a vacuum. Often, it is necessary to control the amount of foam to prevent equipment downstream, such as filters or pumps, from becoming contaminated. With the help of the mechanical FOAMEX foam centrifuge, foam control can be achieved in most cases without chemical defoaming agents being added. This often not only results in benefits in the foaming process, but also when overhauling or further processing the antifoam-free media. 

Our foam centrifuges are offered in a variety of designs, whereby the main difference lies in the material selection, pressure levels and structural form, especially in relation to hygiene requirements. 


Integrating foam centrifuges in bioreactors - taking the example of the FOAMEX G series 

The foam centrifuges can be integrated directly in the head of the reactor or fermenter tank. For smaller systems or after retrofitting, installation in the exhaust pipe is advisable. In this way, local integration of the foam centrifuges in the system can be realised without having to modify the vessel. 

FOAMEX systems work unobtrusively yet efficiently in many applications. Because we know that virtually every foam behaves differently, we always design the foam centrifuges especially to the requirement. We have special mobile measuring systems and rental test units to determine the foam parameters. 

Application references: 

- FOAMEX C: Paper-, dye-, plastic production, biogas-, waste water processes, ...

- FOAMEX B: Brewery tanks, CO2-recovery, tea extraktion, degassing vacuums, ...

- FOAMEX P: Manufacture of amino acids, bioplastics, cosmetics and enzymes via fermentation

- FOAMEX G: Fermentation processes with recombinant bacteria and yeasts, filter protection, ...

- FOAMEX E: Use in ACETATOR systems to produce vinegar

Available FOAMEX series

- FOAMEX C: chemical design

- FOAMEX B: "hygienic design"

- FOAMEX P: for biotechnology

- FOAMEX G: for the pharmaceutical industry

- FOAMEX E: for the manufacture of vinegar

Mode of operation

The FOAMEX foam centrifuges are capable of separating foams with a liquid content of up to 30 % (in individual cases, even more) into a liquid-free gas phase and a low-gas liquid phase, a so-called foam concentrate phase.

The foam concentrate is either returned to the reactor tank from which the foam mass flow emerges, or discarded. The foam concentrate produced is generally not free from gas.


The foam centrifuges are available in different sizes for foam volume flows of a few litres/h up to more than 1000 m3/h. 

Special designs for larger amounts of gas are available on request.