HIGH-PERFORMANCE REACTORS are only used for wastewater with very high levels of contamination (e.g. yeast factories, distilleries, pharmaceutical operations) for preliminary biological treatment. There is always a highly-stressed and often a less used waste water treatment system downstream. The high-performance reactors are closed and work with a constant water level. They normally have diameters of up to 8m and tend to be at least 10m high. The volume load can be up to 100 kg BSB5/m3xd in high-performance reactors! During biological decomposition, a relatively high process heat develops, which can be discharged using appropriate installation and used for heating purposes or energy production. This represents an alternative to anaerobic reactors, in which biogas arises. Due to the high oxygen requirement, our immersible TRG aerators are used here. Through aeration with a high introduction of air, foam can be formed, which can be safely controlled by using our FOAMEX foam centrifuges.