The FRINGS IMMERSIBLE AERATOR TA is a self-aspirating aeration system for biological wastewater treatment. It is mainly used in bioreactors for biological wastewater treatment. The unit consists of an aerator - which was developed from our Friborator rotor/stator aerator - and an immersible motor directly connected with this. The aerator is completely immersed and stands on the bottom of the reactor or container, or operated hanging directly over this.

Operating mode:

The impeller rotates in the centre of the stator and automatically aspirates air through a pipe as a result. At the same time, water flows into the impeller, is mixed intensively with the air and the mixture is centrifuged outwardly and radially through the stator-channels. By rotating the impeller and using the stator, the air is divided into very fine bubbles. The large substance exchange surface created in this way and the strong turbulence of the created flow enable high oxygen utilization levels.

The air-water mixture arising from the stator is centrifuged with a high speed densely via the basin or tank floor and permits the direct intensive aeration of the basin or tanks - depending on the aerator type - up to 6 m diameter (basin-∅ A). This type of use guarantees maximum oxygenation levels. To treat normally contaminated wastewater, the basin can be fundamentally larger, as a zone exists around the diameter range A which is aerated through the mammoth pump effect of the rising air bubbles (basin-∅ B). In any case, the immersible aerator ensures very good mixing of the entire basin, thus preventing deposits on the floor of the basin.

Technical data (standard design):

Motor capacities 3 - 75 kW
Oxygenation capacities 5 - 95 kg/h (basin-∅ A)

Aerator components made of stainless steel 1.4301 (304), exposed parts are hard-chrome-plated, bushing bronze. Cast iron motor protected by high-quality paint, motor shaft made of stainless steel, mechanical seal(s) made of silicon carbide (medium side), electronic leakage control system, overheating protection and 10m electric cable.

Special designs in higher-quality material are possible.