FRINGS has been supplying aeration units for more than 50 years. FRINGS aerators enable the introduction of air or gas with fine bubbles into liquids and the permanent circulation of this mixture. Initially designed for the vinegar sector, this system was subsequently expanded to be used for yeast technology. These aeration systems are also successfully used in biotechnology and chemical engineering. 

FRINGS recognised early on that these properties are also of decisive significance in biological wastewater treatment and launched a gassing unit onto the market for the first time in 1970 with the development of the self-aspirating FRINGS IMMERSIBLE AERATOR, which mixes air and water in one machine and emits them together. Through the gassing of the wastewater, atmospheric oxygen immediately enters the biology, with the result of very good oxygen transfer and utilisation values.

On the basis of the operating results, achieved through the use of the immersible aerator “TA” in countless wastewater cleaning systems, and by means of consistent research work, the immersible aerator "TAK" was developed, which provides considerably improved oxygenation and oxygen output values due to the special discharge geometry with extended discharge channels.

The latest state of development is our immersible aerator type “TRG”. This aerator type, which was designed for opeation with pressurized air, achieves maximum oxygenation and oxygen output values and, consequently, satisfies the current requirements for ever deeper water depths (10m and more) and increasing oxygenation efficiency.

Through countless operating results and trials, it is known that FRINGS immersible aerators deliver a particularly high level of oxygenation in waste water. All determined alpha values were between 0.9 and 1.5.  As a result, the immersible aerators are particularly suitable for use in highly-stressed industrial purification systems.

System advantages:

  • Aeration with fine bubbles with a high oxygen utilization level
  • Simple installation and maintenance (no reservoir emptying required)
  • Good oxygenation and oxygen output
  • Low susceptibility to blockages
  • Low noise level
  • No spray development
  • Absolute resistance to winter
  • Thorough mixing, thus preventing deposits
  • Also completely available in acid-resistant steel 

Installation options:

  • Transportable installation
    The immersible aerator is fixed to the bottom of the reservoir or tank and are kept standing through their own weight. They can be lifted from the reservoir using a mobile crane, without needing to empty the reservoir. This is the most frequent installation type.
  • Stationary installation
    The immersible aerator is fitted between a bridge or 2 guide pipes and can be lifted from the reservoir using its own lifting device.
  • Floating installation
    This is used in unsecured reservoirs, pools, lakes or rivers. The immersible aerator is fitted to special floating devices. The floating constructions can be anchored firmly, floated back and forth using extra-long pendant ropes or moved automatically to a rigid guide rope. The positioning and recovery tends to take place using a mobile crane.