Exhaust Air Scrubber

The FRINGS exhaust air scrubber is a compact, single-stage system in which the exhaust air is cleaned with water, and the gaseous valuable materials in the exhaust air are regained in enriched form.

In this context, in combination with a FRINGS exhaust air condenser, you can regain 75-90% of the valuable materials that the exhaust air contains. The fresh water is fed in via a nozzle at the head of a packed bed column. The amount of fresh water can be set using a valve and a flow meter.


The scrubbing liquid containing alcohol and acetic acide can be used for


• preparing the mash

• the denaturation of alcohol

• the return of some of the scrubbing liquid to the ACETATOR / fermenter

• the transmission into the discharge tank


Depending on the type of fermentation selected, the concentrations of alcohol and acetic acid in the scrubbing liquid generally total between 5 and 7 %.


A FRINGS exhaust air scrubber can be used for several ACETATORS. It is configured according to your specific requirements and depending on the local conditions, delivered either in a segmented construction-design or as a compact system.

Image: Exhaust air scrubber