Machinery and Systems for Yeast Propagation

FRINGS is the specialist for the sectors of yeast fermentation, which requires particular attention to the plant-specific, sterile and procedural aspects.
The groups of the yeast method of this category include, for example:

  • Cultivation/propagation of brewer’s yeast (pure culture or assimilation yeast)
  • Propagation of baker’s yeast from the laboratory via pilot production to commercial yeast stage
  • Production of “savoury” yeasts with special sensory properties
  • Cultivation of carotinoid-producing yeasts (e.g. Phaffia rhodozyma)
  • Special yeast fermentation for the production of starter cultures
  • Fermentation of fodder yeasts


              Brewer’s yeast              Special yeast                     Baker’s yeast
                propagation                 fermentation                       production              

On the basis of a detailed analysis of the specific demands of fermentation, FRINGS is able to provide tailored fermentation systems and other equipment, including:

  • Yeast fermenter (package units or site assembly) of the PROREACT series and complete fermenter sections with different fermenter equipment and in various sterile designs of 500 ml to 500 m3
  • High-performance FRIBORATOR aeration systems up to 450 kW of drive power
  • Mechanical FOAMEX foam centrifuges to avoid the use of anti-foaming agents
  • Upstream and downstream equipment
  • Measuring and control equipment for process control and regulation
  • Utilities and peripheral facilities
FRIBORATOR B in Special yeast fermenter
FRIBORATOR TRG in backer's yeast fermenter
FOAMEX B on top of a brewery propagator