Maintenance and Servicing

FRINGS systems are made from highest quality materials and components and are only subject to minimum wear and tear. For certain parts which are subject to wear, however, maintenance intervals are to be complied with which guarantee the availability of the systems and also safety. We will be pleased to complete this maintenance work for you. This can be scheduled by you as 'planned maintenance' and is carried out by our maintenance specialists on a punctual basis. Also, if systems should require maintenance outside of scheduled dates, we are available for FRINGS machines and systems as well as for foreign makes.

We will also be pleased to carry out serving work such as the training of your employees, formula calculations and technical processing data, calibration aids and everything else connected with the use of our technology in your firm. We can complete these services for you in your firm, at the FRINGS laboratory in Rheinbach, and partially via remote maintenance as well. Just ask us and we will find the solution that is the best for you.