Nutrient Dosing and Alcohol-Water Mixer

FRINGS Nutrient dosing system
The system can be delivered for the mixing and dosing of a nutrient solution for up to six connected ACETATORS. In this context, an individually adjustable quantity of nutrients can be mixed according to requirements and then dosed very reliably and exactingly to the required ACETATOR. The automatic dosing requirement of the corresponding ACETATOR occurs via the data communication of the corresponding SPS of the ACETOCONTROL or ACETOMAT with the nutrient dosing system.

The FRINGS alcohol - water mixer
This time-proven system automatically mixes a corresponding mash in a pre-set strength using process water and a base with a selected alcohol concentration. The control system always ensures that the mixing tank (capacity of up to 130 m³ / day) remains full. The individual ACETATORS are supplied from this tank via the connected charging pumps as required.


Image: Nutrient-Dosing Tank