ACETOZYM Nutrients

For over 100 years, we have been producing nutrients for the production of a wide range of different varieties of vinegar in the ACETATOR or GENERATOR. The experience and expertise that we have gained over this time have resulted in high quality ACETOZYM products for feeding your acetic acid bacteria. To be able to supply with a level of quality that remains constant we have established a consistent quality management system pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001 including HACCP concept.

To be able to do justice to the requirements set by modern production with ever higher acidity strengths, Frings also develops nutrients on a continual basis.


Type Area of use Container size
Acetozym DS plus Alcohol vinegar 25 kg
Acetozym DS plus2 Alcohol vinegar 25 kg
Acetozym GZ Alcohol vinegar 30 kg
Acetozym D Alcohol vinegar 50 kg
Nutritive salt Wine vinegar 30 kg
Biozym DS Organic vinegar 25 kg


The nutrients ACETOZYM DSplus and DSplus2 are currently the best performing nutrients not only in terms of productivity, but also in terms of their storage stability and avoidance of brown colouration. The latter is achieved not only due to a sophisticated formulation, but also through our new APT packaging (advanced packing technology). The specialist nutrient packages prevent damp and oxygen from entering during transport and storage, which means the storage stability is clearly increased.

For the production of organic vinegars (according to VO (EG) 834/2007, controlled by DE-ÖKÖ-013) Frings has developed a new nutrient Biozym DS. It is suitable for the production of alcohol-, wine and fruit vinegar in the normal process.

For special processes, locations and country areas, we can also develop special nutrient formulations and production procedures on the basis of customer requests or legal regulations.


Image: Nutrients