PILOT-ACETATOR 200 L for the production of specialties

With a total volume of 200 L, the PILOT ACETATOR F200 is a comparatively small system for the production of high-priced specialty vinegars such as fruit vinegars and wine vinegars. The starting materials are wines and alcoholic mashes with a clearly higher quality than with large volume industrial processes. This system is therefore suitable for vineyards and specialty vinegar producers in which the cellar-master not only attaches considerable importance to the art of wine fermentation, but also on vinegar fermentation. If the wine preparation and vinegar production are carried out at a single location then full-bodied vinegars can be produced using the best raw materials without their re-dilution with water.

Finally, the producers of specialty vinegars are also subject to cost pressure on the raw material and production side. To ensure that reject-batches are avoided and the cellar master has enough time to keep an eye on what is most important, the PILOT-ACETATOR F200 is therefore designed in a very user friendly way and is automated.

The annual production capacity of the PILOT ACETATOR 200 totals approx. 20,000 litres per year. The key attributes such as

  • The reproducible fermentation sequence
  • Limited losses through the evaporation of your valuable raw material during fermentation
  • Long product lifespan
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Straightforward operation
  • Flexible use in the production of different vinegars

make the vinegar production process appear very simple, maskin an underlying complexity presented in an user friendly manner by FRINGS technology.  

The PILOT ACETATORS generally consist of:

  • Transparent ACETATOR container with internal stainless steel cooling loop
  • High performance aerator
  • Central ACETOMAT control unit with SIEMENS SPS and Touch Panel
  • ALKOSENS type alcohol measuring probe 
  • Vertical defoamer
  • Charge conduit including charge pump
  • Discharge conduit including discharge pump
  • Fresh- and return air conduit including activated carbon – fresh air filter
  • Cooling water and air control valve
  • Level indicator, pt100, pressure probes etc.