PILOT-ACETATOR 8 L for the laboratory

The PILOT-ACETATOR 8 L is one of our smallest vinegar fermenters, with an annual capacity of approx. 840 liters of vinegar.

With this system it is possible to produce approx. 2 - 3 liters of vinegar per day. This system also works automatically depending on the configuration.


The PILOR ACETATOR 8 L primarily serves the purpose of the testing of raw materials and the production of sample batches. Depending on the design, the PILOT ACETATOR can also be used as a pre-culture fermenter, however a so-called 'living bacteria inoculation' with an active biomass facilitates larger production ACETATORS (normally inoculated with a 'secondary culture') a clear reduction in the waiting time until the start of production.


Automatically functioning PILOT ACETATORS generally consist of:

  • Transparent container with internal stainless steel cooling coil
  • High performance aerator
  • Defoaming disc
  • ACETOMAT control unit with SIEMENS SPS and Touch Panel
  • ALKOSENS type alcohol measuring probe
  • Temperature and pressure probes
  • Valve for controlling the charging, discharge and cooling
  • Charge and discharge containers
  • Charge and discharge lines
  • Fresh air line including activated carbon – fresh air filter
Image: PILOT ACETATOR 8 L in a laboratory of a vineyard