PROREACT B – Laboratory / Pilot sterile Bioreactors for the Fermentation Industry

PROREACT B fermenters are used in the laboratories and technology centres of industrial companies for the research, process development and scaling-up. In production, these units are used as seed levels for the sterile cultivation of the micro-organisms within a fermenter production line.

The fermenters in a scale of 10 litres - 1,000 litres are individually configured to the customer’s wishes on the basis of modular construction elements. The basic module comprises of an “open frame” structure with

  • Pressure tank - 1/3 bar with double shell made of stainless steel 1.4404
  • Ra <=0.8 μm surfaces which come into contact with the product
  • Mixing and gassing unit with various selectable agitators
  • Supply lines for mechanical seals
  • Pipework and fittings in DIN 11864 and DIN 32676 
  • Peristaltic pumps for the delivery of substrates and suspending agents
  • Sterile filter units  
  • Condensate pipelines
  • Central control unit with SIEMENS SPS and touch panel

The following are optionally available, for example

  • Integrated, autonomous CIP closed loop 
  • Steam generator installed in the frame
  • Membrane modules for biomass retention
  • Other medial supplies and scales
  • Waste gas analysis with RQ regulation
  • FOAMEX foam centrifuge
  • High-performance FRIBORATOR aerator and various agitators 
  • Equipment for repeated fed batch operation
  • And many other modules and procedural devices

The smaller systems are installed on movable stainless steel frames. Larger pilot reactors are designed as “package units”. They all have in common the fact that the complete approval can take place in the manufacturer’s factory, thus making a minimum of assembly and commissioning effort necessary at the site of installation.

On one hand, the unique selling points of the FRINGS PROREACT fermenters are the multiple configuration and expansion options and, on the other hand, the outstanding quality. The materials and structural elements used for the hydraulic and automation part are comparable with those of industrial plants and guarantee problem-free operation for decades.

The special construction also makes easy upscaling of fermentation results possible on a large scale.

Image: FRINGS PROREACT B as Seed fermenter or industrial lab plant