PROREACT Bioreactors

FRINGS PROREACT bioreactors tend to be adapted to the special fermentation tasks with regard to their design and equipment or produced on the basis of a defined customer specification.

In principle, for technical sterilisation tasks, we differentiate between the PROREACT B series for less demanding production procedures and the PROREACT P series for research/pilot systems and industrial systems with the highest sterilisation, control and equipment demands.

All the system elements of the series can be configured among each other. Depending on the requirement, we can also realise special solutions to take into account technical process features and to use the best possible functional and economic solution (PROREACT X). 

FRINGS supplies PROREACT bioreactors as individual systems, “seed trains” and also as complex integrated fermenter sections.


Please click on the links below and you will find a selection of FRINGS bioreactors, which are appropriate for various applications in biotechnology.


If you have special requirements which are not industry standard nor suited to our extended product range, we would be happy to engineer a bespoke solution for you.