PROREACT Gas/liquid-reactors

Through the special properties of the PROREACT C reactors with the integrated FRIBORATOR C turbines, very high mass transfer coefficients with low energy consumptions can be realised. A fact that is becoming more and more important in times of high energy prices and when taking into account the demand for resource-friendly production procedures.

The special rotor/stator technology of the FRIBORATOR units combines two functions: production of very fine gas bubbles, which facilitates a very high specific gas/liquid boundary surface, and mixing with turbulent jets. This combination provides a number of advantages:

  • Scalable sizes from 20 L to 1000 m3
  • In the case of small to medium-sized reactors, operation possible without compressor
  • Very high gas utilisation (with a headspace feed-in up to 100%)
  • Lower installation costs
  • Very good mixing capacity with low energy input
  • Combined dispersion, emulsification and/or crystallisation procedure possible

In the case of very high gas flow rates or a higher demand in liquid flow velocity, the insertion of special reactor installations may be necessary. A frequently used variant is the installation of a coaxial inner draft tube, so that the reactor is operated as an gas-lift-loop reactor.


                     Gas aspiration variants                        Air-Lift-reactor          

As additional equipment, our FOAMEX foam centrifuges enable safe and efficient operation, even if it is disturbed by foam formation (which is the case in many gas/liquid reactions and mixing operations).

Very big reactors are generally operated with blower support to further increase energy efficiency. Even though the combination of the self aspirating turbine and pre-pressure blower increase the technical costs, this often pays off thanks to lower power consumption. Operation with blower or compressor support is then obligatory when the reaction itself takes place under pressure.


- PROREACT C: "Chemical design"

- PROREACT B: "Hygienic design"

- PROREACT PCC: For the lime-/paperindustry

- PROREACT N: For neutralising of waste water 

- PROREACT X: Special reactors


Plant configuration 


     Layout of a PROREACT plant

        Optional heat exchanger