PROREACT P – Laboratory / Pilot Fermenter for Research and Development

PROREACT P laboratory and pilot fermenters are manufactured in standard sizes from 10 litres and are used both for research and development as well as the preliminary stages within a production fermenter cascade of ascending size.

For this reason, the systems are constructed in a comparable way to the industrial plants so that the automation structure and maintenance have the same philosophy in the procedural management sector as in the production processes.

On the other hand, the designs, which can be used for research purposes, are considerably more flexible. This concerns the compatibility of various agitators, different process strategies and the connection of various additional sensors or modules for upstream and downstream. As special applications, smaller fermentation units can also be integrated into one system (see also PROREACT X special fermenters).

                     Figure: PROREACT P Multi research reactor

Using a series of open communication interfaces, the system can be connected to data evaluation programmes, laboratory management programmes and even complex SCADA systems.

The basic unit consists of the following system components:

  • Pressure tank - 1 to 6 bar (optionally higher pressures) with double shell made of stainless steel 1.4404/1.4435
  • Surfaces of Ra <= 0.4 μm where they come into contact with the product and electropolishing
  • Mixing and gassing unit with various selectable agitators 
  • Thermosiphon unit for mechanical seals 
  • Pipework and fittings, e.g. in DIN 11864 and DIN 32676
  • Integrated peristaltic pumps for substrates and suspending agents
  • Weighing equipment for fermenters and drums
  • Compact frame to accommodate all pipes and units
  • Sterile filter units for inlet and outlet air
  • Gas mixing unit with mass flow controllers
  • Exhaust gas cooler
  • Waste gas analyser for CO2 and O2
  • Condensate pipelines
  • Expanded sensor technology
  • Central control unit with SIEMENS SPS and touch panel

To minimise or completely avoid the use of anti-foaming agent, the use of the optional FOAMEX foam centrifuge is recommended. The ALKOSENS measuring probe and relevant regulating equipment makes it possible to use regulating strategies for methylotrophic yeasts and expanded process documentation.

Individual PROREACT laboratory/pilot fermenters can also be fitted together with the production fermenters into a complete platform structure for a production line spanning several cultivation stages (e.g. 20 litres, 200 litres, 2000 litres, ...). In the same way, it is possible to adjust the entire architecture of the automation to this. The SIEMENS industrial controls used as a platform here allow a multitude of opportunities, which we are happy to use in accordance with your requirements.

Basic module and Options

PROREACT P Basic module
Various stirring device options
FOAMEX centrifuge