PROREACT P – Production Reactors for High-Quality Fermentation Products

In comparison with the PROREACT B series, PROREACT P bioreactors are the even higher quality design. These systems satisfy the absolute top requirements of “hygienic design”, the component and material properties and fermenter equipment. In addition, in the control part, there are extended programme structures, safety devices and special sequences and regulations to safely and efficiently design the manufacture of expensive products.

System components:

  • Pressure tank - 1/3 bar (optionally higher pressures) made of stainless steel 1.4404/1.4435
  • Surfaces of Ra < 0.4 μm where they come into contact with the product and electropolishing
  • Mixing and gassing unit with various selectable agitators
  • Thermosiphon unit for mechanical seals, alternatively with magnetic drive
  • Double shell with gas-proof welded insulation 
  • Two external plate heat exchangers for steam and cooling water
  • Optional internal heat exchanger, which comes into contact with the product
  • Pipework and fittings, e.g. in DIN 11864 and DIN 32676 for substrates, products,
  • CIP and SIP unit for cleaning and sterilisation 
  • Compact frame to accommodate all pipes and units
  • Condensate system
  • Exhaust gas cooler
  • Condensate system
  •  Expanded sensor technology
  • Central control unit with SIEMENS SPS and touch panel

The systems are prefabricated as “package units” in the factory in Rheinbach and approved as part of a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in the presence of you as the customer.

At the customer’s request, all processes carried out using the engineering, production and approval process are documented in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) specifications. The systems documented using GMP are then labelled as PROREACT G (G then stands for GMP).

Image: PROREACT P „Package Unit“