PROREACT X SPECIAL FERMENTERS – Special Constructions for special Fermentation and Biocatalysis

In the industrial area, it is common to engineer tailor-made solutions for production plants in close coordination with customers and to integrate these in the context of the system. In addition, FRINGS works with you on very special solutions for the development and optimisation of systems and processes by using continuative technology. These can have a research or prototype character, if the conventional state of technology must be deviated from.

Even during the procurement of laboratory and pilot fermenters, simple standardised bioreactors are used in most cases. This can make sense but is also often connected with restrictions. If, for example, a scale-up is to take place from the small culture scale, if a pilot procedure for an industrial process is pending or even if more complex integrated processes should be automated in the laboratory scale, “custom-made” solutions are needed. For such cases, FRINGS offers a series of different equipment variations for the PROREACT fermenter systems, as well as completely new constructions at the customer’s request. In addition, special solutions are possible in all dimensions, e.g.:

  • Design of fermenters with very high or very low applications of energy and oxygen transfer rates
  • Coupling of fermentation and biomass immobilization through filtration or separation
  • Manufacture of fermenters in special materials, e.g. hastelloy or with special coatings
  • Realisation of parallel fermenter systems
  • And much more

Ask us if you are looking for a solution and there is no supplier qualified to undertake your task. We have already developed many special solutions for customers. On both a small and large scale.








Coated PROREACT 10 BC for highly corrosive media with integrated micro filtration
PROREACT 15 B Multi for aerobic fermentations with extension for anaerobic processes
PROREACT 5 P Multi in high-pressure design with additional mini reactors for parallel operation